Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three Thoughts Thursday

1// I have a family of dorks and I wouldn't have it any other way. I got Jack this beanie and it came in today. My mom said he looks like a little gangsta. I was taking a few pictures of him in his new hat and my mom decided to show him how to throw gang signs. Apparently, my mom doesn't know what gang signs are but it was adorable.

2// Jack is really trying me lately. He is wearing me down but I am staying strong. He rufuses to stay in time out. Any suggestions on how to make him stay there? Like am I gonna have to hold him down cause that seems like not the thing I wanna have to do. Any suggestions where I'm not physically holding him down or something else holding him down? I need something legal but effective. 

3// The whole south of our state is flooded and we are out of school. Snow didn't get us making up school days, it was the rain. My dad has gone to help people move furniture. Thankfully our house is built up pretty high. I have a feeling we won't be back into school until Monday. I sound pathetic when I say this but being stuck in the house with the tv going in and out and the internet going in and out is hard. Thankfully I still have my iiphone. 


  1. We are a house of adult dorks and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. Cute beanie!! Glad to hear you're okay with all of the flooding. I didn't realize school was out due to flooding, but I should have after seeing all the news coverage. No tips for how to keep toddlers in time out. We have a time out spot and some times she stays in it and sometimes she flops on the floor in the general area. We try to set a timer and not talk to her during time out. After the timer goes off, we'll go to her and talk to her about why she was in time out. Toddlers are tiring :)

  3. I would lose my mind if I was stuck in the house house and couldn't get out!


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