Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Random Wednesday Post

I'm not sure why taking pictures is so hard for me. For some reason I just forget to snap any. I guess I'm too busy living life and I guess that is a good thing. Here are a few I did manage to take yesterday.

Yesterday was my birthday. It wasn't the most exciting since I did have to work and all. I see around 180 kids a day so I was very versed in Happy Birthday.  All the kids are so sweet. 

My Secret Pal got me this Yeti with my initials. I love it and have used it three times already (yes, since yesterday). 

Jack was nice enough to help me open my birthday gifts. I got two new pair of shoes. Both Clark's. I love them!

The flooding is still pretty severe here. It looks like I'm at the lake while I'm driving to work. At least it is pretty, right? 

I got two very special gifts yesterday. 

1// Jack went poo poo on the potty. This is big people! He was looking at us crazy because we were so excited. Everyone was jumping up and down, giving high-fives, screaming, and he is just standing there looking proud. It was a moment.

2// Y'all is this not the most precious card ever? My nephew Bennett (who is 4) wrote me this card all by himself. He is so smart and loving. He was so proud to give it to me and I'll cherish it always. 

Next week is Spring Break and I hope to use next week to get caught up on everything. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately because I feel like I am so behind. When I'm at work, I'm thinking about what I need to do at home, and when I'm home, I'm thinking about what needs to be done at work. 

I need to rock it next week so when I come back to work on the 28th I feel rested and on top of things. 

Here's to a VERY productive Spring Break!


  1. Happy (late) Birthday! 34 is my favorite number.:) Not that, that means anything really, other than maybe you will have a wonderful year this year. Cheers!

  2. Yesterday was my birthday too! I hope yours was fabulous!

  3. Sounds like a pretty great day!! Love that new mug and that it's monogrammed. Great job secret pal :) Glad you've got Spring Break to look forward to and be careful with all of that high water.

  4. I’m the total opposite. I take too many pictures and then get overwhelmed with sorting through them and editing them! I hope you had a really great birthday! A Yeti is an awesome gift, but a monogrammed Yeti? Even better!!! I don’t use any other cup now that I have a Yeti.


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