Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rain, It's Been Real But It's Time To Go

Oh the rain has really put a damper on things lately. It has rained the last several days which means very little outside time. On the 4th it did clear up for a few hours and so we tried to let the boys play for a little while but the mosquitos were so awful that we had to go in.

Friday I had to drive over two hours away to pick up my brother and his girlfriend for the 4th and it was raining/storming so badly. I hate that added pressure of having to drive in so much rain. I ended up missing my turn and ended up back on the interstate which I was avoiding because of all the rain. Also, it added about thirty minutes to our drive when I went the wrong way. Trying to stay focused in so much traffic with all that rain was hard. We kept seeing emergency vehicles where others had wrecks which was even more stressful. When we finally made it out of the heavy traffic and storms I had to stop for a milkshake. Of course, the ice cream machine was down at McDonalds. Isn't it always? We then had to find a Sonic and they got our order wrong. Ugh!

The yard is so flooded that it is going to take days for everything to dry out and we still have chances of rain for the next few days. I don't mind letting Jack go outside and play in the rain for a little while but like I said, the mosquitos are so bad that we can't stay outside too long. Life in the south!

I know you can't see the billboard at the end but it say "Jesus is the reason for the season". We don't have a lot of people buying billboard space in our little small town. At least we should have it when the holidays come back around. 

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