Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Motherhood Surprises

I've now been a mother for two and a half years. During that time I have dealt with many obstacles and the regular adjustments that all mothers have to handle. Looking back from who I was before I became a mother to now I have realized that motherhood has changed me. Here are some of my motherhood surprises.

1. Getting poop on me does not freak me out.

2. I can now say I have picked someone else's boogers.

3. My body doesn't require as much sleep as it once did.

4. I find cartoons funny.

5. Naps and nights out are precious gifts.

6. Finding sippy cups in random places is normal.

7. Having someone put their fingers in my food is too usual.

8. All those shows "I HAVE to watch"....are they still on these days?

9. I may not know what is going on E news but I know the Thomas and Friends trains.

10. My train impressions....wait, I have train impressions. Dear Lord!

11. I'm obsessed with poop. Did he poop today? What did he eat? Is he getting diarhea? Oh no, I think he might be constipated.

12. I use to cook tilapia all the time. Now, we stock up on chicken nuggets.

What motherhood surprises have you discovered?

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