Monday, July 6, 2015

Active Mama-Activities With Jack

I'm so thankful for Jack's daycare and all the things they are teaching him. Even though I can't be a stay at home mom and have to hand over most of his hours to daycare, I still like to do fun activities with Jack when I can. If it is educational, then even better. Here are some activities that I'm excited to try with Jack in the near future.

Color match: He will get to work on his colors and discuss circle. Also, they make a great snack.

Cookie sheet sight words: Jack is too young to fully understand sight words but he's never to young to start practicing. 

Animal cracker counting: Such an easy activity. Jack can count to ten but he doesn't have his number recognition down. I believe this activity will help, and once again, a great snack.

Number recognition and fine motor skills: Another acitivity to help with number recognition plus he loves clothes pins.

I'm looking forward to working with Jack as we learn and play today. If you would like to see these and more activities follow my Acitve Mama board on Pinterest. 

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