Thursday, July 30, 2015

Construction Party Planning Underway

One of the main activties my sister has planned for my nephew's construction party is letting the kids play in dirt. Today my Dad made that wish come try. This pile is Jack's but Bennett has one at his house for his birthday party (their house is right beside ours). 

I want to give a major shoutout to Erin at How to Nest for Less for providing these adorable printables. I was able to use some of them to edit on picmonkey and do some cute signs. I used these blank food cards to make the two signs below.

construction food cards

I got these cute 3 pack of frames from Amazon for just over eight dollars! I also used Erin's happy birthday banner but I haven't figured out how I'm going to hang it or from what. I'm not sure if I want to punch holes or attach to something. The party isn't until the 15th so I have a little time to figure it out. I can't wait to share more of the party details at a later date. 


  1. Cute! I've been coming up with ideas for C's third birthday. Hopefully it turns out well.

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