Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oh What a Night

It's my summer break. I'm not going to the beach or anywhere else for that matter so every so often I have a little staycation at home after everyone is alseep. I stay up to like two in the morning catching up on tv, I read blogs and possibly write, and I eat junk food. Jack goes to daycare during the day so I just take a nap following the night of my staycation.

So here I was last night just chilling in the recliner. I'd watched Big Brother, Gilmore Girls, and a quarter of the way through the show Friday Night Lights. I'm gonna run to the bathroom but as soon as I turn the corner to the hall I am taken back by the smell of dog shit. Yes, I am saying shit because when it is one am and there is dog feces everywhere then it is automatically dog shit. Our little yapping dog Lily had gotten shit everywhere. I found her and sure enough she had it all over herself also. I'm not going to lie. I thought about pretending I never saw it (or smelt it) and just sneak off to bed. I really had to weigh it out but I knew if my Dad woke up and  stepped in dog shit it would not be good. He can't even stand being in the same room when I change Jack's poopy diapers. So the angel on my shoulder won and I popped on the gloves and gave Lily a bath. While she was shaking it off at 3 am the back porch I am inside cleaning everything possible. Once I get things ready to go to bed I open the door to let Lily in and she pees right there in the floor. Lily is house broken but for some reason she has been peeing (and apparently shitting) in the house again like she's a baby. I throw some papertowels on the pee, go to the bathroom, and wouldn't you know it, when I stepped out the bathroom door I stepped right in pee. I think she's doing it on purpose.

So I get my foot cleaned up, throw some paper towels on that pee and head to my sweet bed. At 4:13 I hear Jack say "it's dark". Sure enough I notice my Dad walking down the hallway with a flashlight. Everyone in the house was up at this point and according to Facebook the whole town was without electricity and awake.

My Dad is a serious coffee drinker. He makes instant coffee throughout the day (how he drinks hot coffee when it's 100 degrees outisde I do not understand). Well no electricity means no way to make his coffee, or so I thought.

This is one serious coffee lover! 

I talked to daycare and they were still open so I went ahead and took Jack. An hour later they called me and said they were sending the kids home. We got home and I tried to entertain him but of course all he wanted to do is run throughout the house which I didn't want him doing because I wanted to clean the floors really good before I left Jack loose and I couldn't mop because we have well water and it can't pump with no electricity. 

My Mom had physical therapy at noon 30 minutes away that I drive her too each day. I got the great idea that Jack and I would hit up the Splash Pad while we wainted for Mom's sessioin to be over. Well they are closed and don't open for another hour. Then the gas light comes on. I don't even have my wallet with me. So I have to text my mom who is in physical therapy and she says just go to the front desk and have them say I needed to see her. There is a place to park where you can see the receptionist really close so you can pick up people easily. I ran in there and she said I would have to go around the corner to my Mom so I asked her if she could watch Jack who was in the backseat. I saw my Mom, grabbed the money, and left. As I was walking to the truck I could see Jack and he was freaking out, like crying real tears. I guess he felt abandoned. It broke my heart so when we went to get gas I let him get an icee and some m&ms. He even ran behind the counter and grabbed a toy and the sweet lady let him keep it. 

Thankfully, by the time we got home the electricity was back on. We took a much needed nap. The rest of the evening went well which I was happy about because the night before and that day had been rough. It's for sure one of those days where it's a lot more funny now that it's over. 

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