Friday, July 31, 2015

Living in One Room

One of the most difficult things about Jack and I moving in with my parents is the whole space issue. Jack and I have all of our essentials in one room. I have to be very organized to make it all work.  As you can see from the picture below that this is not organized. I had just decided that I needed to do something with all the papers I had. I'd been dreading going through them but since I added the desk I thought this would be a great time to get it all organized. 

One space in our bedroom is Jack's table where he reads books and colors. He has a chair there but he rarely sits in it. We usually don't get into our bedroom until after bathtime so this is something we do later in the afternoon to night. 

Here is the view from me sitting at my desk. The shelf you see in the back houses pictures, books, movies, games, and items that I deem too special for storage. 

To the right of my desk I have a plastic storage container that I have all of my essentials. I have my products, contacts, hair items, cords, and basically the stuff us gals gotta have daily. I try to keep this thing pretty organized since I don't have time to search through it every morning. I go through it every so often to see if there is anything that needs thrown away or like lots of times I discover something I had forgotten about. The pink bag on top is my nail stuff. I had recently used it so that's why it isn't put up. Also there is Jack's piggy bank.

Here is the view of my desk complete. Above is our August calendar. To the right of the plastic container is Jack's baby bed. He is still staying in it so I'm letting him stay in there until he climbs out. I also have a chair to the right of my bed. I like to rock Jack in it while we watch Thomas the Train. We have one dresser that we share. I keep most of our clothes hung up in the closet. I also have two containers in the closet for our shoes. The closet also has my baggage. 

I know this situation isn't forever but it has been long term so I'm making it as organized and comfortable as possible. Thankfully my parents don't mind all the toys taking over the living room. I try to keep the toys out of the bedroom. 

Well there is a little glimpse into our living in one room. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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  1. We've spent many years living in small spaces so I totally get making the most of the space you have. Some of my favorite space saving ideas... under the bed storage containers on wheels, hooks to hang things up and keep them off the floor, decorative baskets to corral things like shoes, and a place for everything :)


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