Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 4 Goal + Week 5 Goals

1. Finish Jack's stocking. It's ready to go!

2. Finish wrapping the gifts that I have purchased (those that have been delivered). I still have two gifts that need wrapped and I have to gift and deliver them this week.

3. Decorate our gingerbread house.  You can see it here

4. Finish the current book I'm reading. I've moved on to One Plus One. 

5. Deliver my Secret Pal's newest Christmas gift and find her something for the last day of school before Christmas break. I've done that and have one more gift to deliver to my SP.

6. Finalize my Christmas cookie and candy list. I've made two batches of Christmas cookies and my other candies have been finalized.

7. Begin thinking of New Year's Resolutions (yes, I am going there). I'm thinking of doing a binder this year. I did a binder two years ago and I loved it. This past year was to hectic so I didn't make one. I'm starting to feel more on my feet and so I'm thinking of bringing the binder back.I've already been working on my resolution post and started a binder for the new year.

8. Fill out paperwork for something I'm working on (and return).Done!

9. Continue watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books and continue with advent calendar.We have watched The Polar Express at least once a day. Daily, we also watch Shrek the Halls and Twice Upon a Christmas. We've read the same few Chrismtas books over and over because those are the ones he likes.

10. Seriously, drink more water. I've gotten a little better but still not where I need/want to be. 

Week 5 Goals
1. Make finger food for baby shower I'm helping to host and for the Ugly Christmas Sweater faculty party.

2. Get apple slices for Jack's Christmas party.

3. Make cookie dough for our Santa cookies. We'll decorate them Christmas Eve. I've been meaning to make this dough since November. I wanted to have it froze so I could just focus on decorating them on Christmas Eve. 

4. Gather and/or buy all cookie decorating supplies. I want to be much better prepared this year by having the cookies cooked, icing colored and in bowls, and sprinkles out. 

5. Purchase Jack's last Christmas gift.

6. Get or bake a cake for my mom for her birthday and talk to family members to decide what we are going to do. Her birthday is Saturday. 

7. Purchase the last two gifts for my mom for Christmas. 

8. Finalize Christmas Day menu.

9. Go look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music.

10. Do a Christmas painting with Jack. 

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  1. Wowza you're doing great with your to do lists!! I love ugly Christmas sweater parties and appetizers so I bet your school party will be a blast. Good luck with your baking projects and wrapping up everything in the home stretch. Happy Christmas break :)


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