Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 5 Goals Recap + Weeks 6 Goals

1. Make finger food for baby shower I'm helping to host and for the Ugly Christmas Sweater faculty party. I made meatballs and they were wonderful. It was a wonderful shower and baby Emma Cate will be here next month. I also made meatballs for the faculty party. Here is the winner in all her glory.

2. Get apple slices for Jack's Christmas party. They endedup needing dip instead and so crockpot Rotel for the win. 

3. Make cookie dough for our Santa cookies. We'll decorate them Christmas Eve. I've been meaning to make this dough since November. I wanted to have it froze so I could just focus on decorating them on Christmas Eve. I'm doing it today (I think, I hope). 

4. Gather and/or buy all cookie decorating supplies. I want to be much better prepared this year by having the cookies cooked, icing colored and in bowls, and sprinkles out.  I have everything bought. The cookies are made and we are going to decorate them later today.

5. Purchase Jack's last Christmas gift. It has been purchased but I waited too long and it looks like they are out of stock. I'm hoping for a miracle and that it can still get here before Christmas. 

6. Get or bake a cake for my mom for her birthday and talk to family members to decide what we are going to do. Her birthday is Saturday. Birthday celebration was had. 

7. Purchase the last two gifts for my mom for Christmas. I still have one more gift to buy for her. I hope to make it to the shops in the next day or two.

8. Finalize Christmas Day menu. We've talked about it but have yet to finalize anything. 

9. Go look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music. We didn't do this last week but we have done it once this season. I hope to make another go at it this week.

10. Do a Christmas painting with Jack. We are going to do something tomorrow. I have the supplies but we haven't yet had the time.

Weeks 6 Goals

I only have one goal for this week. Enjoy all things Christmas: read Christmas books, watch Christmas movies, eat Christmas treats, listen to Christmas music, do Christmas crafts, and just enjoy all things Christmas.

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  1. Great job! I love that you gave yourself a fun goal for the week of Christmas. Hope you're enjoying Christmas break and making time to do the things that are hard to accomplish during the work week.


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