Monday, December 7, 2015

Pinterest Double Fail

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Pinterest fail here. Here is the picture of our big Pinterest fail.

Earlier this week I saw this cute art work.

My intended plan was to combine the Pinterest fail and this art work (I just hated the idea of chunking the Green Blob). Instead I drew on Christmas lights with the intended plan of Jack using paint to color in the bulbs. didn't happen. 

See what I mean?

The reason this didn't work was because mama was being a little lazy and a slightly dumb. I used water colors but I was thinking I'll just use slightly wet fingers and more color would appear on the canvas. At first it was working (sort of) then Jack started going all crazy and mixing colors and well we ended up with this masterpiece. Hot mess is happily displayed in the living room. Although it is NOT cute, we had fun making this double Pinterest fail.


  1. Having fun at Christmas time is the most important thing even if the projects don't turn out quite like you thought. It's sweet you got to spend time painting together twice and funny that Jack had his own interpretation of colorful lights. Olive is in a really smeary phase with paints, too. Maybe next year they'll both be better dotters :)

  2. Hahaha thats awesome! We have so many Pinterest fails that I wonder if the adult made the item on pinterest.


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