Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 7 Goals

Now that Christmas is officially over, it is time to get back to achieving my goals. I have done really well with making weekly goals so I want to continue with them. This week Jack will be going to daycare so I have big plans to get some rest and also accomplish a lot.

1. Workout. I hope to lose some weight. I've just let myself eat whatever and do little to no exercise for awhile. Life had just been so hectic and it is time to do something. I have this Fit Bit to help.

2. Make some calls I've been needing to make but have had no time.

3. Find something or a way to organize my jewelry. Here are some ideas I'm thinking about.

From Thread Rack To Jewelry Organizer! A super simple idea for less than $10. | One Good Thing By Jillee:

Organize Your Whole House with One Trip to the Dollar Store - Mad in Crafts
4. Finish the book Playing Dead and the book Sparkle.


5. Get my oil changed. It needs to be done but I hate taking it to be done. It is also how I feel about putting gas in my car.

6. Finish my New Year's Resolutions.

7. Write out budget for January.

8. Organize beauty product drawers. It's gotten a little wild in there and I need to tame it. There is so much stuff that I bet there are some things I could be using now but they have gotten lost.

9. Find a organization system for Jack's trains. They are EVERYWHERE and someething must be done.

10. Water. Water. Water.

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  1. Great goals! Oil change and jewelry organization is also on my list of to dos. I've been putting both off for a while. Workout and water are definitely high on my list of to dos along with reorganizing the newest toys. Hope you get lots done this week :)


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