Monday, April 6, 2015

When Did the Easter Bunny Become Santa?

As any parent does, I enjoy giving to my child. It makes me the happiest when I see Jack's face light up. He loves new toys and candy. What child doesn't, right?

When I was a child the Easter Bunny brought candy, perhaps a new shirt or piece of jewelry, a book, and maybe a few novelty Easter items. The Easter Bunny never brought us expensive toys and especially never a new bike.

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed Sunday morning I found myself gasping as Mama's posted their babies Easter basket that was filled to the brim but also overflowed into the room. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not judging them. Each family has the right to choose how much to give to their child.  I'm just concerned. As still a fairly new mom, I'm worried that I'm missing something. Did I not get my kid enough? When Jack gets to the age where friends share what the Easter Bunny brought, is his basket going to be enough?  Will he be disappointed? I will not give the Easter Bunny Santa Claus status! Are these parents competing with other parents over who will do the best basket? Maybe it is all about showering their babies with things they will love? I really don't know. What happened to the Easter Basket?

This year I even went a little overboard by using a dump truck as his basket. The reason I did this was because he was getting the truck anyways from his Nana and I didn't want him getting something so big for no reason. Maybe that was the situation for the child who got a bike?

I know I'm not the only one who saw pictures of outrageous baskets. I would post some but I don't want to offend the people I love. I'm just concerned for myself and other parents. When is it enough? Are we giving them too much? If at 3 they receive a bike from the Easter Bunny, then doesn't it take away some of the magic of Santa? 

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  1. I was kind of wondering that too! We don't really do a lot for Christmas or birthdays, mainly because the grandparents do too much. I thought I'd do a little more for Easter just because of that. But, yea, I saw some pretty outrageous baskets with bikes and such. crazy!

  2. I agree!! I try to pick up a mix of practical (sandals, new art supplies and an outfit) and fun (candy, bunny ears and an Easter book) for Olive's Easter basket. I've also given myself this rule: If it doesn't fit in her Easter basket, then it's too much for Easter. I don't know how long that rule will work for us, but it's been great so far. I love that you incorporated your mom's truck gift into your Easter basket. Practical, fun and not over the top! I don't want my kiddo to get Santa and the Easter bunny confused :)


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