Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Toddler Crafts

Sunday was a beautiful spring day. The family was together to let the two cousins play together outside. My dad grilled ribs and my mom fixed amazing sides. It was just the perfect afternoon!

Since it was so pretty outside I decided to do a few impromtu Easter/spring painting activities.

The first activity was suppose to look like this...

Well my little 2 year old can not handle all that stillness. Ours is not perfect but I think a non-perfect cross just makes sense. However, the OCD side of me was losing it but I let it go. 

For the second craft we did I used my nephew's cute little feet and a flower pot we had laying around.

It was a fun, easy, super cheap (I did buy the plaque for the cross at Walmart for less than $3), and quick Easter/spring craft time with the kiddos. The best part was the kids giggling when they had their feet painted. 


  1. I like the idea of doing your painting projects outside!! Jack's cross turned out great. I'm sure you'll look back at it years down the road and be thrilled with the memories :)

  2. I love that cross!! I should make one for my mama, she'd appreciate it! I know...squirmy toddlers make my OCD-ness go through the roof with painting. ha

  3. I love the Easter cross craft! Maybe next year I will try that with my son. He wouldn't have done well with it this year but maybe at 3 years old it will go okay :) Your son's cross turned out really well!
    Amy @


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