Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gift Idea

Yesterday was Secretaries Day. At our school we have three of the best ladies that take care of everything. I wanted to get them something useful and different. My search didn't take long. I was able to find these insulated bags at Freds for $6. Great deal!

After returning to the school, I searched Pinterest looking for a premade tag that would say some sort of thank you but also go with the insulated bag. I couldn't find the right thing so I decided to just do it myself. Picmonkey to the rescue! I made this tag to attach.

I attached the label, signed it, and sent them off to be delivered. 

They had displayed all their goodies from the day on their desks. Several people came to me expressing how much they loved this idea and our nurse even wanted to know where I bought them. A parent  saw them and wanted to know where I got the labels. They sent the mom to me and I explained to her how great Picmonkey is. 

I wanted to share this idea with you because it would work for anyone. You can make your own label through Picmonkey and change school to anything. I'm sure some people could come up with something very clever for a label. 

Have a blessed day!


  1. What a great idea!! It's unique and so useful. No wonder they were such a big hit. Love the tag and the cute patterns. I bet these were one of their favorite gifts :)

  2. I really need to utilize Picmonkey more. I usually use Photoshop, but it can get kind of tedious. Picmonkey is so quick!

  3. So cute!! You could also use it for teacher appreciation day! I love pic monkey too. That's how I do watermarks on my pictures...when I do it. ;)


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