Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Egg Inserts

Jack's daycare sent a letter home requesting each child bring a dozen Easter eggs with candy inside. Today I went and bought some plastic Easter eggs and some candy to put inside each one. I spent a lot of time looking for some candy that would fit in a plastic Easter egg but still was about the true meaning of Easter. I could not find anything that would fit in an Easter egg. I decided to just make something of my own.

I'm going to include in each egg a piece of candy and a small message about our Lord and Savior.

Here are the ones I am using.

Image-1_picmonkeyed.jpg Image-1.jpg

Image-1.jpg Image-1.jpg

Image-1.jpg Image-1.jpg

If you would like to print these you can click here.

Here are a few pictures on how they turned out.


  1. I helped fill eggs for our church Easter egg hunt and it was really tricky to find candy that would fit inside the eggs. I love the idea of including a sweet Easter message with the candy treat inside each egg. Super thoughtful :)

  2. I love this! Like Christmas, I think that the real meaning of Easter gets missed with all of the hoopla. Good for you for putting a little back in there.


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