Monday, January 12, 2015

Thanks General Hospital!

i started thinking of my word for 2015 during the last few days of 2014. I did the whole word of the year thing last year and it worked out really well. Intentional really rocked in 2014! Several days into the new year and I was still racking my brain for that perfect word. I know things are going to be tough as we go through a divorce and a custody battle. We'll also be staying with my parents (which isn't easy even though I'm very thankful for a place to stay). Throughout the year I know I will have to remind myself of the positive side of things. I am blessed! I am blessed! I am blessed!

Tonight I was watching my stories (a little throwback for grandma) and reading blogs. One of the characters were talking about how they were coming back into their new life (he had to fake his death and go into witness protection and has just recently returned). One of the words struck a cord with me. Although I didn't fake my death, a part of me has died, my old life has died. There is a new definition of we that is two and not three. So drum roll......

Yes, the word that took me so long to come up with is fresh.  It's going to be a fresh start. A fresh me. A fresh financial start. A fresh to do list. Fresh goals. A fresh outlook. The great part is that each day I get a fresh start. It's never too late to start fresh. All you gotta do is hit that imaginary reset button (I like to pretend the top of my head is it), take a deep breath, and start anew. 


  1. I love it!! I'm so glad you found your word! Even though I'm not blogging right now, I have a word for 2015, too: beginnings. I feel like I'm getting a new beginning in my career as I finish my Master's degree, and I'm creating new beginnings with my family as we welcome baby #2!

  2. Such a great word for what I hope is a great year for you!


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