Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hurtful Words and Lies

The other night I got roped into calling my soon to be ex husband. I made the call. Call me a cutter if need be. Something (I can't even remember what now) had caused me so much anger that I called him. His new woman was in the background. He made sure to let me know that she was there, listening and backing him up.

We quickly lost sight of the purpose of my call and the conversation (if I can even really call it that) was all over the place. He was mean. Meaner than he has ever been. I kept thinking she has to be hearing this and thinking to herself "who is this mean hateful person?".

The most frustrating part is that he would "repeat" my words to her but it wouldn't be anything that I just said and it isn't like she can hear me and it isn't like she is taking my word for the truth.  I guess I don't really care what she thinks but it still is frustrating.

He refuses to give me any money to help pay for Jack's things. That in itself should be enough for her to drop him. I paid his health insurance the whole time we were split up and he wouldn't give me any money. Oh, I take that back. Since we split he has given me a total of one hundred and sixty dollars and that was in the first two months.

I seriously think this man must have a brain tumor. How can someone I knew and loved so well be THIS person now? Of course, he blames me and says I treated him bad and talked to him badly. He and I both know that isn't true. He is the one living with his girlfriend and has no job. I'm the one who had to move back home. You don't get a girlfriend that fast if something wasn't already going on.

It's just sad that it has come down to this. I honestly wish this man would disappear and leave me and Jack alone. I don't want Jack to look up to someone who doesn't have a job, lives off women, lies, doesn't take care of his children, and is selfish. For everyone's sake I hope he realizes what is most important and gets it together soon.

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