Friday, January 16, 2015

How My Planner Has Changed My Life

Is that not seriously the dorkiest post title ever?

I love my planner. I have always had a planner but this year I'm using it a little differently. In the back (in the "notes" section) I am writing down my goals for each month. Each goal has to be something I can complete in a month's time. I then go to the daily pages and write down small goals that work to help me achieve that main goal.

I've always know to break my goals down but now I have them already on my to do list before the day is even here. So far (yeah I know we are only 16 days into 2015) it has worked out really well for me. It has also motivated me to jump ahead some also. For example, I knew that this coming Sunday I planned to clean out my wallet. Well while I was waiting for the microwave to go off the other day I went ahead and did it and marked it off my list. It may seem a little sad that I have to write down "clean out my wallet" but that's just how I am.

To jump start this all I did was sit down one night right after getting my planner and wrote out my main goals for January and then all the mini goals to reach the main goals. After I had my mini goals, I spread them out over my planner on different days. I also took some time to think of small things that I wanted to get down this month like cleaning out my wallet and jotted down those on a day also.

It's great not having to make a daily to do list. It's already made! There are days where I need to add a thing or two but that's okay because it takes no time to do.

The great part is being able to mark off those January goals as I get them completed!


  1. That's a great idea! I hope you're able to make all of your goals! :)

  2. Marking off goals creates such a feeling of accomplishment. Love it!

  3. I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner that was a birthday gift from my BFF and it is amazing. I'm so attached. You should check them out!


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