Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Confessions

1. The other day I blogged about the beautiful rainbow we saw at our house. Here is a picture. It was amazing! We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful piece of land!

2. I've been giving the ACT Aspire to 4th grade this week. Next week is 3rd grade. It is a lot of me walking around and I can't even wear my Fitbit. I hate not being able to count those steps. I'm giving tests 13 days days this month. It is very boring. I'm just thankful that I only have 3 more days of it.

3. I found a great swimdress on modlily. It came in today and it fits perfectly! As a plus sized girl finding a swimsuit is not easy so I'm so very happy to have one that looks good and fits good.

4. In one month we will be at the beach! Jack has never been and I can't wait for him to see it. Also, my dad who is 56 years old has never been to the beach. It is going to be the best time.

5. When I do get a chance to watch tv I've been watching reruns of ER.

6. The other day Jack started screaming that he wanted to see "my Maybree". It makes my heart smile that they are more than cousins, but more like brother and sister.

7.  I need to put the Easter decorations away but don't have the umph to get it done.

8. Speaking of Easter decorations, two of my glass bunnies no longer have ears (thanks Jack!)


  1. That is an amazing rainbow!! Glad you got to snap a picture of it. I really need to put away my Easter stuff, too. I leave some out for Spring, but put away the obvious Easter decor. Y'all are going to have a blast at the beach. I'm so glad Jack and your dad will get to share this first.

  2. What a stunning photo!!! That has to be a good omen for your coming home. I've been ooing and ahhing over modlily's bathing suits myself. Glad to read your review. Maybe I will order one, too.

  3. That rainbow is absolutely gorgeous! Every time we see one Mason reminds us about God’s promise! I am going to check out that website. I hate swimsuit shopping. Maybe I could do a swimdress! I am so excited for your beach trip. I can’t believe your dad has never been to the beach, either. Which one are y’all going to?


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