Friday, April 14, 2017

Feeling So Loved + 1st T-ball Game

Wednesday I came into work and this was sitting on my desk. Of course I loved the gift but the note was the best part. I love when someone appreciates me. These bath bombs are super popular in the town where I work. Once they dissolve there is something small revealed. In this one was a small plastic high heel shoe. 
I am so thankful that she thought of me. It really made me feel special.

My Secret Pal got Jack the greatest Easter basket full of goodies. The cup has his names on it which I love. He loved everything and we are going to play with the bubbles this weekend. Also, Jack is like me and loves peeps. 

Jack wasn't the only one who got a basket full of goodies. I love the bodycology brand and I am going to treat myself to a nice long hot bubble bath this weekend. I am also going to buy something for myself with my giftcard. It's always hard for me to spend money on myself but I'm going to make myself do it. Oh and the mocha was the cherry on top. It was exactly what I needed to get through work. Also, this basket is super cute and I want to do something with it where it can be out all the time.

Now a little t-ball talk. It's been no secret that I've been super stressed about how Jack acts during practice so to say I've been worried about his first game is a huge understatement. It went exactly how I'd thought it would go. While the other team was up to bat Jack wouldn't stay where he was suppose to and ended up playing in the dirt. He loved to bat and did well running to the bases. I just hope that as the season continues he gets more involved. 

Here is his team after the game. I know one day I'll look back at this picture and think where did my baby go. They are all so precious and I'm very proud of them and us parents. 

We are off for Good Friday and my nephew is spending the day with us. I hope to get a few things accomplished but mainly just spend the day playing with the boys outside. I hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend. It looks like we might do Easter a day early due to the probability of rain. We are having family over and having a fish cookout. We will do a small Easter egg hunt after we dye eggs. The Easter bunny will visit and Jack will get his fifth and final Easter basket this year. He has been so blessed! He got a basket from school, my Secret Pal, I ordered one through his school before I knew the school was also getting them a class basket full of goodies from their friends, my mom got him one, and then he will get his Easter bunny one on Sunday morning. I'm going to have to hide lots of candy and just bring it out periodically. I'm sure I'll help him get through it ;)

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. Those Easter baskets were filled with so many great things! You two deserve some fun treats. Glad to hear that baseball is going better and that you're both enjoying it more. Happy Easter weekend :)

  2. My granddaughter was pretty day-dreamy during her inaugural tee-ball season. But a lot of the kids were. I think Jack will settle in and get the hang of things. But either way, don't worry...they are just babies and it will come when they get a little older.

  3. That bathbomb sound amazing! I love the name of it and that there was a high heel in the middle of it! Sweet note, too! I bet Jack loved that Easter basket and yours looks awesome, too! Don’t give up hope on the baseball…that is very typical for the first season.


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