Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I signed Jack up for t-ball back in February. I really thought it would be a fun activity for him and I and well it has been, most of the time. 

There are 10 kids on the team and about 75% of them have a fairly good idea about how this whole thing works even though they too have never played before. Jack wants to do what he have done in the yard which is let him hit the ball over and over. At home there is no one he is taking turns with and usually he runs and gets the balls he hits. 

At the very first practice he had a meltdown because someone grabbed the ball before he did. I'm talking in the grass, screaming, kicking-meltdown. Fun times! I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Even the kids who have no idea what they are doing just stand there. Not Jack. He runs off. He throws his glove in the hair. He pulls up the grass. He has zero interest except when it is time to bat. 

After the second practice I had to take Jack to my Mom and I went riding around so I could cry in private. He acted a straight fool. I so badly wanted this to be a fun activity and all I felt was stressed. We have since had another practice that went better, not great, but better. Thankfully, another kid decided to act worst than Jack that time. I talked to that Mom and we bonded. We are having a playdate today. 

I have an active child and I'm really trying to let the stress of t-ball not get to me but y'all it does. It isn't that I want him to be a good baseball player. I just want him to not run after the tractors that are driving down the road. Also it would be nice if he would stop throwing his glove into the air. 

I got a cute shirt made because well if I have to deal with a fit throwing kid then I at least want a cute shirt.

Jack and his coach Macie

Team picture. Oh the cuteness!


  1. I love seeing little one playing sports. Mostly because it's usually pretty comical.

  2. Oh how I remember those T-ball days and the fits! Mason threw a few himself. Its normal, Mama. Things will get better as they learn how things work with team sports. So glad that through the stressful time you were able to make a friend! God works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn’t He? His way of showing you that you’re not alone! I love it. That shirt is adorable.

  3. We signed both kids up last year and while Everyone loved it all C wanted to do was play in the dirt. I genuinely think she just wasn't ready or had no interest. This year only E is doing it and he's so excited. I had to take them both last year and instead of enjoying watching my son play I had to entertain C instead. It just wasn't worth the stress. Hopefully you have a better time the longer it runs and if not, at least you made a new friend!

  4. Good job for sticking with it! I hate when things don't go as I've planned them out in my head. I bet Jack will warm up to the routine of t-ball and end up loving it. I think it's so great to expose him to new things like this. Good job Mama even though it's hard!


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