Monday, April 10, 2017

Ambulance Ice Cream Truck

The other day I'm on the phone with my friend Jessica as I'm riding around town waiting for our supper order to be ready. As I turn the corner I can hear the sounds of an ice cream truck and my friend could hear it too. It was so loud! I was surprised that our super small town would even have an ice cream truck. I keep looking for it but there is no ice cream truck. The ice cream truck music is coming from an ambulance. I tell Jessica and she is like that is not true so I went around the block to take a picture.

I am stuck behind an SUV that has parked at the stop sign. They put the car in park and then walked over to the ice cream truck so I'm just stuck there which works out because I need to get that picture. I'm sitting there taking a few pictures and the lady driving is just staring at me. I felt so uncomfortable but I had to share the picture of the ambulance ice cream truck with my friend.

After the people in the SUV get their ice cream they drive on and the ambulance pulls up beside my car. The woman says "Boo I'm sorry. I'm just trying to sell ice cream boo." I try to explain to her that I'm just taking a picture because it is funny that there is an ambulance ice cream truck. She then says "Boo, don't call the police I'm just trying to sell ice cream". I finally get through to her that I'm not taking a picture to show the police but am really just taking a picture because it is a funny sight to see.

You would think being an ambulance ice cream truck that they would have a clever business name but no. On a cardboard sign it read Q & J Ice Cream. I could really help them out with their branding. I'm thinking they need to be dressed as paramedics for starters.

Well I can't end this post without showing you the now infamous ambulance ice cream truck.


  1. What a funny way to deliver ice cream! I have never heard of something like this.

  2. Oh how I miss the days of Ice Cream Trucks! We live too far in the country to get ice cream trucks. That’s the only part I really miss about living in town. I wish Mason got to experience ice cream trucks. He does get to buy from one every once in a while when we are at the park in town! What a hilarious ice cream truck you encountered.


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