Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby Shower Favorites

On Sunday I hosted a baby shower for my sister Samantha. She is due to have Maybree Lynn on November 2. Her best friend Wendy was also a hostess. Wendy is much like me and loves crafting. I am an awful blogger and didn't take many pictures. It is really hard to host and take pictures. I should have asked someone to take over photography duties. Since I don't have a lot of pictures of the actual shower I will share with you a few of my favorite decor items. Our theme was a girly woodland theme.

1// It's hard to see from the picture but the pumpkin was spray painted coral. Please don't pay attention to the stem. I meant to tie a burlap bow to the top and it ended up not happening as time became an issue. I use a gold paint pen for the M and the dots. I am no artist!

2// I created this print using Picmonkey. My now plan is to print this again but on burlap. It will be super cute in her nursery. 

3// I picked this chalkboard up from Target for $3. The woodland animals were from a $1 cardboard wreath I purchased from Family Dollar. 

4// I ordered this print from this Etsy shop. It was only $5 and it fit the theme perfectly. It is also going to be displayed in Maybree's nursery. 

5// I can't take credit for the spray painted pine cones (my co-hostess did them) but I loved the pop they brought. I had a super cute metal leaf tray for them to be displayed in. 


  1. Cute! Spray painted pine cones are one of my favorite ways to decorate for cheap in the fall/winter. I've sprayed them silver at Christmas time and pink for a winter baby shower. I'd love to have some gold ones for fall.

  2. I think the theme and décor are cute. I love the baby's name. Haven't heard of it before.


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