Thursday, October 1, 2015

October + What We Are Doing + Goals

I think October is my favorite month. This morning as I was getting in my car I started giving it some thought. It felt amazing outside! It was October 1 and it finally felt like fall. It felt like a gift. I snapped this picture so I could remember what it looked like when fall came rolling in.

The view from outside (the side of the house). 

October is a busy but great month. I want to jam pack this month full of wonderful things. Every weekend we have something fun planned and I'm just super excited.

Today though Jack has a slight stomach bug so I'm home. He is acting fine, just lots of diaper changes.

I was able to finish up our Halloween banner that I've been working on the last few days.
You can make your own by clicking on this link. It was lots of fun getting to look back at old memories. The only work involved was printing.

This isn't where it stayed but it gave me the space I need for a panoramic picture.

I'm loving this cardigan I picked up at Walmart. You can read about my love of Walmart fashion here. My favorite part is the sleeves. This is the best picture I have of it. I wasn't planning on writing about it but I ended up loving it so much that I felt like it needed a little air time.

Now for my October goals!

October Goals

1// Create a budget. Living with my parents has its pros and cons. Things in my life are finally settling a little and I'm ready to start looking into the future. Creating a budget with the focus on saving money to move out is one of my October goals.

2// Buy two of Jack's Christmas presents. I seriously have no ideas on what to buy him. Since I'm saving money, I don't want to over buy (like I may have done last year).

3// Start preparing my Christmas bucket list. I've been having dreams lately where it is Christmas Eve and I realize that I haven't gotten to do all the things I wanted to with Jack. I'm pretty sure that is a nightmare. Dreams where I forget things are the worse.

4// Go to the pumpkin patch/Homecoming game/Noah's birthday party/zoo

5// Find the perfect gift for Miss Maybree. My niece is due to arrive on November 2. I really want to get her some type of jewelry. I'm looking at this and this.

6// Do as many fun fall things as possible.

I'm keeping the not so fun stuff to a minimum this month because I just want this to be full of fun month. It's gonna be busy but fun and that is the best kind of busy.


  1. October is also my favorite month :-) Unfortunately ours is super busy with work stuff and trips out of town. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy it some!

  2. What a fun month!! I love your goals of packing in as much fun as possible. Your picture banner turned out so cute. I love looking back at holiday pictures through the years. Wouldn't this be fun to add onto for many years to come?? Hope Jack is feeling better today.


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