Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jack's Birthday Wishlist

Let's Go Fishin' game
I really think Jack is going to enjoy playing this game. As a mother I want this game to work on his hand/eye coordination. I see us sharing lots of laughs with this one.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Backpack
Jack really needs a backpack for school just for all his papers that come home each day (remind me I need a system for organizing all those pesky papers).

My Truck is Stuck
Jack's current favorite word is stuck so I know he will love this book. Any time he can't do anything he will say "I'm stuck" or if he can't get to something then it is "stuck". he says it in his little kid voice and it is so cute.

These classic toys are classics for a reason. I remember having one as a child and I really believe Jack will love it. He loves being surprised. He is going to be jumping around laughing. I'm already really excited for the first time it shocks him. He's gonna love it!

Construction Flashlight
Jack adores his PawPaw's flashlight but it is so heavy. I wanted to get one for him and I found this one that he will think is really fun. It is also a little nightlight.

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  1. What a fun list! Olive loves her tiny backpack and I'm sure Jack will be thrilled with all of the other things you've picked out for him. I bet the jack in the box will be so much fun for everyone :)


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