Monday, March 23, 2015

Boy Box Swap Reveal

When I heard about the Boy Box Swap that Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me was hosting I knew I wanted Jack and I to participate. Getting to know another boy mama, getting goodies in the mail, and getting to buy fun things for someone else is a win, win, win. I signed right up!

The first great thing that happened is Stephanie paired me with another Arkansas blogger. I love getting to know other Arkansas bloggers. I also now have another must read blog and friend.

I first introduced my box swap partner Ashley in this post. Ashley blogs over at Everything's Hunky Dorey where she shares her adventures as the mother of Wyatt and Stella. Her family is just precious. I really lucked out by getting paired with such a sweet gal.

Look at all the amazing things that we received from Ashley and Wyatt!

Jack was so obsessed with his Hot Wheels that he refused to put them down even for bath time.

This child is two and got his first Hot Wheels today. I know, horrible mom, right? I just didn't think he would love them as much as the bigger and louder cars and trucks. Boy was I wrong. He is seriously all about those Hot Wheels. I had to force them out of his hands to put him to bed. Mama knew no sleeping would happen as long as he had his cars. 

Jack and I both got goodies. I love my Easter notepad and pen, nail polish, and my yummy smelling EOS. Jack is also enjoying scribbling on his board and thinking he can use that pen to write on other stuff. Ha! Poor child :) Jack is all about letters right now so using those to practice has been so much fun. I need to get him a big metal cookie sheet to attach them to. 

Thanks Ashley and Wyatt for all our goodies! 


  1. What a fun swap!! I've been wanting to pick up one of those doodle boards, but haven't been able to find a small one like yours. I'm sure it was fun to get happy mail.

  2. Aw, so glad y'all loved your goodies!! Wyatt loved his too...especially the bath crayons!! I'll be sharing more on Monday!

  3. Haha, my kids are always trying to take their cars in the tub too. :)

    1. We have so many bath toys that I usually try not to bring in anymore but he was so attached to it that I didn't fight it.

  4. Cute gifts! Love that insta-dry nail polish formula. It's seriously made for moms ;) And great call on the hot wheels. A boy can never have too many cars!

  5. I wonder if Aria would be into the hot wheels. She doesn't have any cars but she loves her trains!


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