Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Awesomeness From This Week

1. I spent the weekend with 3 amazingly fun gals in Fayetteville. In this picture we are at my second favorite place in Fayetteville. Just in case you are wondering we were at Kingfish and my favorite place is JJ's.

2. The second thing that made this week so awesome is I changed my own breaklight. I bought the right bulb, got out the book, and handled that sheez myself. It felt good! 

3. I finally got around to buying Syntha-6 (chocolate shake). One of my co-workers let me try it and I loved it. It is packed with protein to help build lean muscle and it surpresses your appetite. 

4. I wrote this post about all the entertainment that made my week so relaxing!

5. My awesome friend Brooke got me this present. It is such a cute picture frame and a great pic from our Garth Brooks trip.

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  1. I am impressed with your car fixing skills :) It's so much cheaper to do things like that yourself - way to go!!


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