Thursday, March 19, 2015

Headed to Fayetteville

Oh Fayetteville how I love thee! Although I am a southeast Arkansas gal, I love Fayetteville. One of my bestest friends lives there. Yes, she may be my mother's age but she is a hoot! I met Betsy when I was in graduate school. I just happened to sit beside her and we clicked right away. Since then, she has moved 4 times, we both have gotten divorced, and I had a baby. We have really been through some stuff together.

Betsy and I having margaritas on a beautiful day! She is so much fun!

Speaking of margaritas we will going to JJ's for the best margaritas, wings, and cheeseburger quesadillas.

$1.99 is on!

My friend Brooke is a Fayetteville vetern like myself. She usually occupies me on my Fayetteville visits. Here is me and my friend Brooke. We have been friends since middle school.

We were selfie taken fools during our last excursion to St. Louis.

Amy, who we've been friends with since her second year of college, has never been to Fayetteville. Oh my how I can't wait to show her around. I hope she falls in love with Fayetteville like Brooke and I did. Here is Amy. You will need these photos as point of reference for the post for when I get back :)

I told you we were selfie talking fools!

We can get into some stuff, and once you add Betsy in it is sure to get interesting. 

We are leaving tomorrow after school. They are getting off work early but I couldn't pull that off. Oh well, I'm still excited. Mama is about to get a break!


  1. Have such a great time!! And don't forget to check out Little Bread! ;) We're

  2. I am so sad that we never made it to Fayetteville when we lived in Arkansas!! I've heard such great things about it so it's still on my must visit list :) You are lucky to have so many fun friends


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