Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Confessions

1. I'm writing this while sitting in a workshop. I'm a better teacher than I am student.

2. Tomorrow my gal pals and I are going to the I Love the 90's concert. It is going to be so much fun and I'm so ready for a girl's night out. It's my last big fun activity before I start back to school.

3. I'm ready for school to start back. I love routine and structure, plus I love my kiddos and always look forward to seeing them.

4. I finished Parks and Recreation this week and I literally cried when it was over. I started the series at the start of summer and finished it up right when it is time to get back into the groove of work.

5. We've been eating a lot of breakfast for supper lately. It is food that Jack loves and is so simple to fix. Win-win!

6. I'm a huge Big Brother fan and my eyes were open to Michelle and how much of a mean girl she is. I'm team James as of now although I'm not just thrilled that he went back on his deal.

7. This child right here has been such a ham lately. He has been saying "thank you so much" and "that make me so happy".

8. I got a new planner from Walgreens and I love it. It is super cute, the perfect size, and has the right components that I need. 

9. I've been obsessing over the app Wunderlist. I've used it before and didn't use it effectively but now, in this time of my life, I'm really loving it. 

10. My bestie is on vacation at the beach so I'm not calling/texting her with my day to day problems. In order for us to talk about my daily stuff later I've been emailing her and she is going to read them on her ride home. There is a whole email on my issues surrounding my sadness on finishing Parks and Rec and another on how Jack refuses to poop in the potty. I'm so glad my kid-less best friend is such a rad gal who listens to kid stuff.


  1. I don't even know what to think of Big Brother last night. I'm not a Frank fan, but he is amusing to watch. It'll be interesting to see what happens if he leaves the house. It's like there's one huge alliance. I use to be a Nicole fan, but she doesn't seem to have much drive this season.

  2. Brinner is the best! I went to an amazing concert of my own last night, Coldplay! Hope you have fun!

  3. Brinner is the best! I went to an amazing concert of my own last night, Coldplay! Hope you have fun!

  4. Oh your little guy is TOO cute!!! And I am jealous of the 90's concert - what fun!! Thanks for linking up!

  5. What grade do you teach? I hope it’s the best school year, yet. I am not ready for a new school year just yet. I love having Mason home with me (I work from home full time). But, I do love structure and routines. Breakfast for supper is my favorite! That picture of your sweet boy is precious!!! I will have to check out the app Wunderlist.


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