Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Morning

I had another post planned but I decided to share my random sleepless thoughts this Friday morning.

It's five am. Jack has been talking up a storm for an hour now. The amount of energy he can have at what I consider the middle of the night is mind blowing to me. He was shaking me at four saying "mama, wake up, I wanna watch Thomas & Friends". I tried telling him Thomas was asleep but apparently he doesn't care if me or Thomas are asleep.

So now I'm up. Coffee, chromebook, and Friday Night Lights in the background. How is it that I can watch the same episode of Friday Night Lights twice in one week? It never tires and today is a season one marathon. However, I doubt I'll be watching much of it because I hope to be sleeping. Jack is going to daycare for awhile so I can rest and take care of a few things like showering and shaving my legs so we can hit up the pool later.

Clearly I can't even hide razors from Jack or he'll find them.

Here is his first shaving experience. Can you tell he is being raised by a single mama? Bless his little heart.

Honestly, I feel bad for even telling people because one might think I was being neglectful. I have the blade packs that just clip onto the razor. I get a big thing of them every Christmas. They are packaged indiviidual. I stored them inside a box and were hid in my drawer. During a commercial break he walks out of the room. He comes back in a few minutes later saying "it hurts". He hands me two razor blades. My stomach turned into knots as I went looking for blood. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad but I felt awful. I still wanted to share the story because sometimes things happen to kids because they are curious and fast. I hope no one judges me and I will be more careful with them. I'm thinking I need to buy me a lock box to keep some stuff in. 

Jack has been obsessed with the family dog lately. He wants Lilly to be his best friend and Lilly ain't so sure of it. She isn't use to being picked up and hauled around the house. The other day Jack was quiet so my mom went to see what he was getting into. She found Jack and Lilly in the bathroom. She walked in and Jack said "Come on Lilly, let's go". I think it's cute how he loves her and wants her to be his pal. 

Just now he brought the dog a book and said "here's a book to read". 

I sure do love this crazy child of mine even if he wakes up at 4 am. 


  1. Sorry for the VERY early wake up call. I'll be sad when the "your cartoons are sleeping so you should be too" excuse doesn't work with Olive. She was in my bed at 3:00am this morning and thankfully went back to sleep for a few more hours. I'm so sorry about Jack's shaving incident. Zero judgement coming from here! Kids are so curious, sneaky and busy that it's impossible to protect them from everything. I still feel guilty about Olive burning her hand and it was almost two years ago. We all live and learn. It's hard to see your baby hurting though. I am always thankful at the end of the day when we make it through accident free :) Hope you have a happy 4th and can get a little more sleep this weekend!

  2. Oh, Jack's poor little baby arms!! Don't sweat it, friend. It happens to all of us. I am so sorry for your early morning wake up call, too. There were many mornings when Jess was that age that I just turned the TV on & slept next to him while he watched his show. I'm so thankful he's out of that stage & Jentry has "Princess-itis" and would sleep until ten every day if I let her.
    In my opinion ages 2-4 are the hardest. It gets easier!


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