Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 14 Goals Recap + Week 15 Goals

Week 14 Goals

1// Get my headlight changed. I just found out today that my left one is out. I'm sure my dad can handle this one. Who knew changing a low beam headlight would take so much work? We watched several YouTube videos on how to get this done without dropping the bumper. On Saturday my brother in law's friend came over and he took a look at it. They worked for at least at hour before it got done. I contributed a 12 pack for their efforts. 

2// Finish a Year of Yes. I don't think this will be too hard since I'm loving it. I haven't finished it yet but I'm close. I love it...like really love it. This book will make you think and I can't recommend it enough. 

3// Drink lots more water. I need to get better at this. I'll get in a groove and then jump right out of it. 

4// Do 2 canvas art pieces with Jack for St. Patrick's Day.

5// Put out St. Patrick's Day decor.

6// Pay bills and other debts (I get paid on Friday). I could mark this off partially. I'm waiting on my new checks to finish this one up. 

7// Put together my birthday wish list. My birthday is the 15th of March and I know my family wants some ideas. I already know one items was purchased...so pumped!

8// Take Jack to get his haircut. Jack is never going to get a haircut. I had to cancel the appointment he had because my back was just too messed up. She said she would reschedule. I didn't hear from her. I wrote her back a few days later and she said she was busy. I then took him to the little hair place inside Wal-Mart and no one could do it that day. 

9// Make appointment for Jack to get his hearing checked. He isn't having any issues but they have to get tested at school and he wouldn't cooperate so I have to get our PCP to sign off.

10// Get a printout of Jack's immunizations. 

11// Call my student loan company to answer their question about how often I get paid. 

12// Start online shopping for Jack's Easter outfit. This will be a fun one.

13// Research a good cause. I think it is time to focus on one cause that is important to me. I want Jack to grow up knowing that we support _________. I think if I narrowed things down a little I could make a bigger difference. Choosing a cause or charity isn't an easy task. There is so much out there and some controversy with certain charities. I want to do my research first. There is a girl (one I actually taught when she was in high school) and I see how the great work she is doing for pets. It has nothing to do with her job but is something that she is passionate about. When I see where she has saved an animal it makes me so proud. It also makes me feel down that I'm not making that type of difference. 

14// Purge Jack's toys once again. I've repurposed a storage bin with six compartments and I want it all to fit in it and his toy box. Currently he is using a crate, a toy box, and the space under the roll top desk. I didn't mention the block containers in the back bedroom nor all the trains under every piece of furniture we own.

This was not my finest week of getting things accomplished. In my defense, my back has/had (I think I'm on the mend) been pretty messed up. I had to take it really easy and didn't walk during my lunch break at all last week. I hope to get back to things this week.

Week 15 Goals

1// Get Jack a haircut.

2// Do workout video 2 times this week.

3// Walk 3 of my lunch breaks.

4// Complete tasks 9-14 from last week.

5// Bring my lunch to work 3 times this week. I really want to try and make my own lunchable type meals. 

I'm keeping it pretty simple this week since I have so many tasks to complete from last week. My biggest focus is getting back to working out. 


  1. Bento Box! It makes bringing your lunch so much easier. I use one for the E's lunch and it has compartments for all the food groups. Love love it!

    1. I'll be looking that up for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!


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