Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 12 Goals Recap + Week 13 Goals

Week 12 Goals Recap

1// Finish my taxes. I've been waiting for some papers from daycare. I talked to the director and she said we would get them this week. Yay me! I have even gotten back my state taxes already (and spent them-ha). 

2// Workout three times. It's time I start to add in more cardio. I am meeting my step count so I'll be moving that up but I still want to add in more calorie busting cardio. See, what had happened was....okay I was lazy. My lack of dedication is crushing me. 

3// Purchase a Valentine's gift for my mom, my librarian assistant, and my Secret Pal. I have zero ideas. I am going to do Valentine wrapped candy bars for my co-workers. I had also thought about doing a hot chocolate bar with donuts. I'll make up my mind closer to Valentine's Day. This was a total loss. I did get my Secret Pal her gift and also a few gifts for other friends and my sister. 

4// Do "love you to pieces" Valentine art with Jack. Although I love this idea I've decided it just isn't in the cards for us this year. We (I) cut out hearts and Jack painted them. 

5// Drink lots of water. Last week I didn't do too great on the water because I was sick most days. Am I the only one who hates the taste of water when they are sick? Nope. I have got to do better. 

6// Search for a banner for March. Yeah I'm talking March. It just takes me awhile to make stuff since I usually only get to be crafty when Jack is sleeping. Once I find the idea, I have to start gathering supplies.  I have some cute decor things planned. Holiday decor makes my heart smile. 

7// Sit down with my dad and work out details on my future home. My dad is a contractor and has been drawing up plans. He wants to sit down and get my opinion on a few things. Y'all are probably wondering what I even did this past week. 

8// Get myself well! I have been battling this crud for over a week now. Just when I think I'm getting better, it comes back. I'm ready to feel 100%!  I am marking this off because I feel well today but no so much on Saturday. This sickness really just keeps coming and going. My brother in law that lives next door was diagnosed with the flu last Monday and his little boy is home sick today. It is surrounding me and nothing like working at a school to get some germs. 

Week 13 Goals

1// Buy chocolate bars to make my Valentine candy bars for my co-workers. 

2// Find a Valentine's gift for my mom and assistant. I'm thinking about doing pedicures.

3// Make cookies for Jack's daycare.

4// Write out February work goals.

5// Do cardio twice this week.

6// Order treats for 3 kiddos here at school that I always buy stuff for on holidays. 

7// Drink that H2O!

I don't have a lot of goals for this week because we will be packing in lots of Valentine stuff with painting, using stickers, eating Valentine themed food, baking, and just celebrating love. I hope y'all have a great week full of celebration and accomplishment. 

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  1. Sounds good! Do you like water better if it's got some fruit in it?? I've heard that can be helpful to motivate people to drink more. There are tons of fruit combos, but I usually just do lemon or lime. Hope you have a fun Valentine's Day week :)


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