Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 2 Goals Recap + Week 3 Goals

Week 2 Goals

1. Put up the Christmas tree Took care of that on Saturday and it looks wonderful. Too bad I can't get Jack to stop breaking ornaments or unplugging the lights. Fun times guys!

2. Get the majority of Jack's Christmas purchased. I got my Christmas bonus and I'm looking forward to shopping for my little guy.  I have everything purchased except one thing. Man that feels good to write!

3. Cook. Cook. Cook. Last week I shared these recipes and I plan on making most of them up on Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm doing the grocery shopping. I cooked so much that I'm all cooked out for awhile. 

4. Get consistent with Jack on picking up his toys before bed. I've been too laid back on this one. He has recently showed more interest in cleaning up his messes and he does it at daycare. I've gotta make this more of a priority at home. Just because it is easier for me to do myself, it isn't teaching him anything. How many times did this happen? Zip. Zero. Nada. 

5. Talk with my mom and sister about my dad's upcoming birthday. My dad tends to get overlooked on his birthday because 1. he's a dude and doesn't really care about a celebration and 2. it is around the holiday and everyone is busy 3. it is deer season and he is in the woods until dark. I hope we can at least plan a nice dinner. Now to decide what to buy the man who needs nothing and wants for nothing. Did not happen but I better hurry because his birthday is Sunday.

6. Go see The Good Dinosaur. Jack has never been to the movies. We had planned to go see the Peanuts movie around his birthday but the weather was awful. We have to travel to get to a theater (small town problems) and so we haven't made it yet. I think he will enjoy the dinosaur movie a little more though. You can read all about that experience here.

7. Shop for some new pants. I bought a wonderful pair of work pants at JC Penney back in the summer. I wear them often and love them. I have them in black and would love to find a gray colored pair that I love just as much. I never went shopping besides online. I hope to get a JC Penney giftcard for Christmas so I'll wait.

8. Start another new book. I'm on a reading roll and I love it. I hope to sneak in some quiet reading time during the week. I started a new Chevy Stevens books. I'm quickly working through all of Stevens' books. 

9. Clean. Lots of cleaning to be done before the whole family arrives.

10. Brainstorm some Christmas gift ideas for family members. My sister is the easiest person in the world to buy for (besides me-ha) but the rest of the crew, not so much. Why can't everyone have Amazon wish lists?  The only family member I have left to buy for is my mom. I have a few ideas but nothing I'm just really excited about. 

Week 3 Goals

1. Survive book fair week at school. It's the toughest week for me. It's busy. It's chaotic. It's lots of hard work both physically and mentally. 

2. Finish Jack's stocking.

3. Get some important documents notarized.

4. Start using our advent calendar.

5. Read Christmas books.

6. Watch Christmas movies.

7. Wrap Christmas gifts.

8. Bring Secret Pal her gift.

9. Print off candy bar wrappers to use as little gifts for co-workers. 

10. Drink more water!!!

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  1. I am impressed!! You've gotten so much done. I have zero advice for toddler proofing your tree. We're hoping to put ours up this week so here's to hoping both of our trees survive the season. Great job on all the gift buying. I need to start sorting and wrapping, but I think I'll wait until night time and do it alone. Good luck with the book fair! I know the kids love it, but it is so much work.


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