Monday, November 16, 2015

Goals + Thanksgiving Videos

Christmas is quickly approaching and in order to have the most stress free holiday I am doing lots of prep work. Over the weekend I tried to start decorating. It did not go well. I hung some Christmas lights from Jack's window. I had to take him down. The child would not leave them alone. I put them where he couldn't reach them. What did he do? Pull up a chair. I thought, okay, he is just curious so I supervised him touching them. We looked at the colors and talked about how they would break. I figured he would be done. He wasn't. Of course, he pulled up a rocking chair to get to the lights. All I could think about is a broken leg. The lights had to go. Yeah, so I'm worried how the rest of the decorating will go. I want to start breaking down my goals for each week, at least until the holidays are over. 

goals week #1

1. make fudge and freeze

2. wrap my sister's ornament 

3. continue going through Christmas boxes to find all of our Christmas stuff

4. make list of Thanksgiving dishes and ingredients

5. buy 2 of Jack's Christmas gifts

6. get my Secret Pal a Happy Thanksgiving present

7. start a new book

8. get book fair set up before Friday afternoon

9. buy garland for advent calendar

10. confirm details about sibling Christmas buying (are we swapping gifts this year? are we setting a limit?)

It would be so awesome if I get all of these things done this week. Oh to set goals and accomplish them. Y'all seriously Thanksgiving is next week. Lordy! So many things to do! For those sweet little ones here is a few Thanksgiving videos that Jack has been loving this weekend. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Nice goals. Olive is still very hands on with our decorations so I'm thinking I'm going to be sticking to my same plan as last year... only nonbreakable ornaments on the tree, nonbreakable decorations within her reach, a few favorites up high and keep some things in storage. Not ideal, but I don't think it's possible to supervise the decor/police it 24/7. I used to laugh when I'd see people baby gate off their Christmas tree and now I get it. Good luck!!


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