Monday, November 30, 2015

The Good Dinosaur and Wild Child

Over the Thanksgiving break I took Jack to see his first movie, The Good Dinosaur. Walking in I didn't have high expectations because I did not want to be disappointed. Jack doesn't have much of an attention span so I set an hour as our goal. We made it 55 minutes. It wasn't that he was behaving badly but that he wanted to leave to go up front where there were "toys". Here are some lessons I learned.

1// Get there late. Of those 55 minutes, 30 minutes were previews and what they called a short film that lasted about ten minutes. I would have rather watched 55 minutes of the actual movie. Lesson learned.

2// Hide/sheild him as much as one can from the "toys". Our movie theater has quite a few kiddie rides and video games that caught Jack's interest very quickly. It wasn't very easy getting him away from those to even go into the movies.

3// Go ahead and buy a drink and snack. Jack loves a straw. I probably could have bought myself 20 minutes with just a drink. I also should have bought some M&Ms which also would have kept him busy.

I think I'll wait awhile before I try again. Thankfully, the lady upfront only charged me for one person, so I was only out $8.

As we were leaving, I told him "let's go eat". He got really excited then. We went to the Mexican restaurant because this child loves Mexican food (like his Mama).

I'm glad we did this because it was a fun mother/son date. Jack was really well behaved at the restaurant and he had a really good time. This is a sad fact-Jack doesn't go out at night much. Y'all he was so excited about seeing the lights. It was like the equivalent of me seeing the lights of Vegas. A McDonalds sign never excited a kid so much. It was cute and it made me feel a little bad about not taking him out much at night. In the car ride home he kept seeing the moon and screaming "moon".

What is your favorite child and mom dates?

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  1. How sweet!! Great tips that I will definitely keep in mind for our first movie date. They all totally make sense, but I would not have thought about arriving late and buying a fun snack at the theater to enjoy and entertain. I'm glad that you got to grab some mexican afterwards. Sounds delicious and like you two really did have a great date night. Olive loves doing the basics - grocery shopping and naming the food, going to Petco to check out the animals and hanging out in the children's section of a bookstore.


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