Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Days

I am only three days into summer vacation. We have used this slip and slide numerous times already this summer. It is the one thing that keeps him in place. Yesterday, we made two trips outside for a little slipping and sliding. Seeing him so happy and having so much fun brings me so much joy. 

During the day Jack is still attending daycare. I've just been picking him up earlier. While he is enjoying his time with his friends, I've been keeping myself busy. I've done lots of cleaning. Getting back to the gym regularly.  I'm also catching up on 32 past episodes of General Hospital. Natchez Burning is also sitting on my bedside table getting a few pages read each day. My afternoons are spent outside with my cute little man. The days have been warm but not hot so it has been nice.   

Here is to many more happy summer days!!!!


  1. Yay for summer break! Love that he's loving the slip & slide so much, it's cute!

  2. Happy summer break! That slip n slide sounds like so much fun :) It's great when you find an activity that keeps a toddler entertained for long periods of time.


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