Monday, May 25, 2015

Update in Photos

Four more days before summer vacation begins! Life has been incredibly busy and you may have noticed that I haven't been coming to this space very often. I'm glad to be back here to give you all an update of what we have been up to.

Saturday I bought Jack a slip and slide. He was having a hard time understanding how it works so I decided to show him myself. Oh lots of fun on Saturday! Not so much when I woke up Sunday morning. My whole body hurt. I have learned that I am no longer young enough to slip and slide. Lesson learned! 

You may notice in these two school pictures that Jack is holding fake French fries. When they handed the pictures over his teacher started explaining. She said the photographer had them squeeking them at Jack to get his attention. What does Jack do? Take them away and refuse to give them back. They had to sneak them away from him at nap time. They figured I would rather have pictures of him not crying so they let him keep the fries. I wish they weren't in the picture but it will make a cute story for when he is older. 

Jack riding the Barney toy at Wal-Mart. I am THAT mother who always lets him ride on it. 

Jack sings "The Wheels on the Bus" all the time so when I found this cd with that song on it I couldn't help but buy it. We get in the car and go right to that song and it is the weirdest version. I was so mad. The other songs are odd also. They aren't the versions that I know and love. So disappointed. 

This was my great idea. Jack loved it. 

Sonic makes the best turtle pecan blast. Just look for yourself. Yummy!!!!

This picture was taken from our living room window. You can see a rope tornado in the distance. It was interesting seeing it form and then go away. My Dad is a huge weather fanatic and has made me into one also. We watch the weather channel quite a lot. 

Cedric Thornton from the Philadelphia Eagles is coming to our school to be Principal for the day. He is bringing over 1,000 books for the students and to donate to the library. As the librarian, I am in charge of this day. It is really exciting but it is a lot of work getting everything ready. I am having to get signed waiver forms from all the kiddos. I had to establish the schedule and make sure to handle all the expectations for Athletes for Charity. The rest of this week will be very busy as I handle last minute details but it is very exciting as well. 

Come on summer!!!


  1. I would've freaked upon seeing that tornado! My butt so would've been cowering in the basement.

    Glad you has fun on the slip n slide!

  2. I love the update! Been missing you. Too cool about the Athletes for Charity.

  3. Wow!! You've been having some fun :) That slip n slide looks like so much fun and I had no idea there were turtle blasts at Sonic. I've got to stop in and get one. Sorry to hear that the kids cd was so disappointing. I had a similar experience with what I thought were the classic versions of kids songs. It's like they were revamped with a whole knew tune and I didn't care for them. Hope your end of the year goes great and that you have a great summer :)

  4. Hahaha, yep, we have one of those kid cd's. It can be my worst enemy at times! ;)

    Oh, gosh! Yep, I definitely would've been hunkered down if I saw that tornado. We saw tornados on the ocean once, it was pretty neat.

    Glad y'all are having some fun, and YAY for the end of the school year!


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