Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Things I Do Each Day to Keep a Clean House

Since moving in with my parents,  I have taken over pretty much all of the cleaning (it is the least I can do). Jack is destructive and making messes is his game. We have been known to call him Stitch due to his infamous messes. In order to keep the house in decent order there are 5 things I do each day.

1. I never let more than a sink full of dishes pile up. It isn't always easy to manage that, but if I do around three small sinkfulls a day then I don't have to dedicate a large portion of time at the end of the day to dishes. No, we do not have a dishwasher. Whenever anyone asks my dad why we don't have one he says "that is what I have children for". He just doesn't feel they get clean that way, even if I disagree.

2. Like any house with kids, we have an over abundance of toys. Before bed each night I pick up all the toys and put them in the designated spots. Soon Jack will be able to do this chore soley on his own.

3. I do one load of laundry in the morning and one at night. The hardest part is remembering to put the clothes into the dryer. During the day, when I can, I fold the first load and wash the other. By the end of the day I only have one load to fold and put away. I usually let this load be towels or sheets since there isn't any hanging to do or going from room to room to dispense clothes.

4. After I finish the supper dishes, I sweep the floors. When wiping down the counters and table I just let the crumbles fall to the floor. I know that soon they will all be swept away.

5. Tackle a deep cleaning project each day. One day last week I cleaned the living room ceiling fan. My goal wasn't to clean all the ceiling fans (I don't have that kind of time) but just to clean that one. After a full week you have done 7 semi-big things. Last week I vacuumed out the couch, washed the baseboards in my room, clearned the toilet, cleaned under the recliners in the living room, wiped down the mirrors in the house, cleaned the living room ceiling fan, and wiped down the kitchen cabinets. Not one of these chores took more than 15 minutes except maybe the baseboards.

Is there any household things you do each day to have a tidy house?

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  1. These things really help you stay on top of things. I make sure to do the dishes, tidy up toys, vacuum regularly and do laundry several times throughout the week. It's nice to tackle things a little at a time instead of devoting a whole day to cleaning.


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