Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jack's Class Valentines

I love Valentine's Day!!! You would think as a single gal that it wouldn't be my favorite but I have so many people to give love to. Some of my favorite valentines to give are those to Jack's classmates. He will come home with a huge bag of goodies. Since they will be getting so much candy I like to do something that isn't a sweet. Since Jack's favorite books are the Pete the Cat books I decided to get his friends one. I found a set of mini Pete the Cat books that were $12 for ten books. I bought 20 books in all and I'm so excited to share these.

I got on Picmonkey and made this cute little tag that goes perfectly.

I just know the kids are going to love these books and the parents will appreciate having one less sweet. Plus, from what the teacher says all the kids enjoy Pete the Cat. I'm really excited about gifting them this year. Now I gotta figure out what to get his AMAZING teachers. 

I just couldn't resist. Here is Jack on his first Valentine's Day. 


  1. What an awesome gift!! I would love if Connor came home with a book like that!

  2. I love that idea! Where did you find the books?

  3. I LOVE when the prize is a book! Chick-fil-A is really good about that and so was our doctor in Arkansas - a book with every visit. You can never have too many (as you already know!) Great job on cute valentines done WELL in advance!

  4. I'm stealing this idea. Just fyi!! LOL. Love it!


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