Monday, January 23, 2017

Building My Foundation

My word for 2017 is foundation. I went back and forth on what word I needed to pick and I kept coming back to foundation. I feel like I'm in a transition phase where a lot of building and work needs to be done. I can build this foundation with something that will not hold up or I can build a strong foundation. My goal is to build a strong foundation for Jack and I. 

As they say, there is nothing magical about January. I told myself over and over that January would just be testing the water. It has really worked not holding myself up to a certain set of goals that can't be changed or even just deleted. 

On thing that I did that has really helped with writing my goals for this month was to make a bulleted list of what a winning month would look like for me. After I looked over that list I was able to come up with goals that would help me have that winning month. One winning month after another will help me build that strong foundation I truly want. 

In order to build this strong foundation I have turned to 4 books (and I'm sure more will be added in later months). One of my yearly goals was to get into the Bible more. I set a goal to read the book of Psalms this month. It is going really well and gives me such wisdom and peace. There isn't a better book to help me grow my strong foundation. 

Next up is this very trendy gem. It's awesome. I'm not writing in mine in hopes of passing it along. However, I am doing a lot of the tasks Ley discusses. Already I have went through my closet, dresser drawers, and shoes. I want to get into a simplicity mindset that I hope to carry forward once Jack and I have our own home. 

Oh the Powersheets. I love you. I'm not even exactly sure why I love them so much but I do. I work in mine practically every day. It is still January and I'm already excited to write in February's pages. I'm so glad Santa gifted these to me this year.  Also, the Powersheets Facebook group are so encouraging. 

My last book that is helping me build the foundation I want is my planner. In the past I've used planners but after awhile I'd see a new one I wanted and trade mine in. I've promised myself, not this year. I'm making myself open that sucker up and write down all.the.stuff. My favorite thing to write down each day is just one thing from that day that made me happy. I'll cherish looking back on those. I'm holding myself accountable to my planner. 

I hope to be writing a post in December where I outline this great foundation I've built for Jack and I. I've become very intentional about how I've spent my time. I repeat this phrase to myself, "you are how you spend you time". It's a powerful one. 

Have a great week friends! 


  1. I have my copy of Grace Not Perfection and I'm super eager to read it. I am thinking of having a women's study using that book.

  2. What a great way to start the year. Love your goals for your family. I am finishing up Grace, Not Perfection and it's so inspiring! I am taking notes and taking action :)


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