Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Exchange

I love participating in exchanges because it gives me the opportunity to meet other people, shop for fun items, and also get something in the mail just for me! I love stockings so when I heard about this exchange I quickly signed up. I was partnered with Tori over at Becoming the Wilkinsons

Tori got me so many great things! I waited until I had some quiet time to open my box so I could marvel over each item. Here is one pic of everything all together. Look at all of this!!!!

The first thing I noticed was the cute tissue paper-so festive! Tori included a super adorable card with a sweet message.

I love office supplies and I got some super cute ones! Look guys! They are so cute. My favorite is the polka dot flags. I love that the flags are big. The post its are attached to a cardboard piece that folds out so that they stand upright. I took two of the packages to use at work and one to use at home. 

Next up are some bath bombs that I can't wait to use because I LOVE a bath. I also got two face masks. I've tried this brand before but not the hydrate and detox. I hope to have a mama spa day soon.

There is even more! I got a magnetic to do list, hand cream, lip gloss, and a gigantic Hershey bar. I'm excited to try the hand cream and lip gloss. The cold weather always makes my skin dry, especially, my lips. I've heard great things about these products. I'm hiding this Hershey bar for a time when mama is about to lose it.

Oh these socks! On Friday night I went to my friend Jessica's house and she gave me fuzzy socks to be cozy. I fell in love with them and then I find these in my box. It is fate! I put them on right away and boy are they cozy and cofortable! 

I took this picture right after opening my box. I'm in love with these socks!

Thank you soooooo much Tori for all the amazing gifts!!! You are too amazing! You did such a great job and I loved it all


  1. Look at all those goodies! I received the same "hello" note from my partner! Love the socks the most!

  2. What a fun exchange! Your partner nailed it! Such cute gifts :)

  3. Those socks look really comfy. I love a good pair of cozy socks!

  4. Im a HUGE sock lover too!! What an amazing box, Tori did good! Thanks for joining us :)


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