Friday, December 16, 2016

A Festive Week

We had a very festive week in our house! I've been aiming for us to do one fun Christmas activity each day-even if it is a small one. This week Jack and I have been to see Santa (for the third time this year), We've colored Christmas pictures. We went and looked at Christmas lights twice. We baked Christmas tree cookies. My friends and I went and saw Wynona Judd in concert and had a GREAT time. Tonight we are going to our church for Christmas Around the Block (I've written Christmas A LOT in this post).

Santa gave Jack an elf hat and then Jack HAD to ride the tractor at the mall. 

Jack and I both are wearing all of our holiday sleeping gear. Jack decided he wasn't cute enough so he got into my make-up. I've gotta learn to put it up high.

Us gals had such a great time at the concert. We were in El Dorado and it is stunning at Christmas time. We ate at Laredo Grill and oh my word that food was good. We've decided to go to El Dorado more often. It really was so fun and a nice break for myself. 

Speaking of break for myself, I got myself a new book. I'm sure you have all seen it. It is from the Powersheets lady. I'm thinking about doing them this year. Anyone else? I'm trying to talk a friend into doing them with me. 

I've decided to spend a portion of my weekend making a list to make sure I have my Christmas stuff together. It is sneaking up guys. I shouldn't say sneaking it is running at me full force and I got to get it together. I have two more days of work and one of those is a half day. We have several fun things I want us to do and honestly there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. 

We have a couple fun things planned for this weekend but we are going to have a crazy weather weekend so I don't know how much we will get done. It is suppose to be 70 tomorrow and then storms and then on Sunday it is going to be so darn cold. We might go to church but that will probably be it. Well gals I hope y'all have a fab weekend and get lots accomplished including some fun.

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