Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Pictures

I just love Arkansas. On Thanksgiving it has the beauty of fall and comfortable weather. We had the windows open which was nice because the house was cooking with the heat of the oven. As you can tell, we don't rake our five acres. You have also noticed that Jack's shirt had to get changed. He had a shirt like Bennett but the cranberries were too much for the shirt. Since Bennett would only eat deviled eggs and bread he wasn't messy at all. The dress that Maybree has on had to be washed after her only wearing it for 30 minutes. Oh life with kids! Take a look at some cute kids having fall fun.

During my Thanksgiving break I was able to do so much. I'm extremly proud of myself. I'm recovering from gallbladder surgery but have recovered so well. The Christmas decor is out, Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped, and fun holiday plans have been made. I'm ready for all the festivities. This is the first year where I feel like Jack really gets it. When he sees presents he knows there is something exciting inside. He knows who Santa is and loves seeing all of our Christmas decor. I am actually giddy thinking about Christmas morning. There is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of your child. 

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season? 


  1. I love her adorable little turkey dress!

  2. What a wonderful Thanksgiving break!! Kids are so messy so I always have to pack an extra outfit when we go somewhere. I'm impressed your gifts are wrapped - way to go!!


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