Monday, November 28, 2016

Mall Santa + Christmas on Main Street

Saturday I decided we needed to take our annual trip to see Santa. We didn't have any plans for Saturday so it was perfect. I wanted to go early so we could make it back to watch the Iron Bowl. Santa shows up at 10 am and we made it a little after that. He was smitten with Santa and there were no issues getting him to sit on Santa's lap. This was the first picture they took and it was perfect. 

My mom went with us so while she went and got her hair done, Jack and I went to a small fun space they have in the mall. He slide down that slide over and over. Since no one was in there that early I went down a couple of times myself. He thought it was the funniest thing me going down the slide. He would say 1-2-3 go and I'd push myself off. I'm not one for this type of thing but it was pretty fun. We ate nachos in the food court and then headed home.

Our small town holds a Christmas on Main Street every year so it has been on our calendar for awhile. This was our first year to go since Jack really hadn't been old enough before to enjoy it. Here he is sporting his new shirt I got him. 

Our first stop was Santa. Look at the candy canes they gave out-the M & M filled kind-SCORE! See the train in the background, well Jack couldn't wait to get on it. I've been wanting to take Jack to play on this train for awhile but we don't really go downtown (there isn't much there anymore). So this was a perfect opportunity. He really enjoyed playing on it. Our town is a big train town and so we walked over to the tracks and the other trains so Jack could see it all up close. 

Here he is standing infront of one of the trees to be lite up during the tree lighting ceremony. As you can see I have his backpack leash on him. I actually got a few judgemental comments but like I told them losing Jack or him getting run over would be much worse. Jack is a darter and there were numerous times where that leash was VERY much needed. 

The Junior League painted this back in October and I loved it so I had to snap a picture.

I didn't get any of the pictures of the parade. I was busy making sure Jack didn't run out into the parade. They threw candy so it was hard getting him to stand on the side. I would let him get the candy that came close. Our town is so small that getting plenty of candy wasn't an issue at all. Since our town is so small it was mostly a bunch of tractors and 4-wheelers. There were a few cute floats but for the most part it was simple things. Jack loved it though.

If we would have gotten there at 3 we could have had free cookies and hot chocolate but I knew waiting 2 hours before the parade to start would be too much. We instead got there a little after 4 and then didn't have to stand in line long to see Santa. After the parade was the tree lighting ceremony and then there was a singing with the last song being a community singing of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". It was very cute and small town. 

It was the perfect weekend to start all of our holiday celebrations and seeing Santa twice is always a good thing. When we left the house Jack threw a fit because we turned left and on the day before we had turned right to go see Santa. Kids can be so smart. I'm sure he was thinking "you said we were going to see Santa but we aren't going the same way as before". 

Do you have any fun holiday plans? 


  1. What a fun way to kick off Christmas!! Great job planning such a fun day. It looks like y'all had a blast. Love Jack's Christmas shirt and he's so sweet with Santa. We have a Christmas parade in our city, but it's at night. Not sure if we'll stay up and watch it or not. I can't wait to see Santa with the kids this year.

  2. Jack's Santa picture is perfect! I love his Elf shirt, too! So cute! I bet he loved that you went down the slide. You are such a fun mom! Hope you two thoroughly enjoy your Christmas!


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