Friday, September 30, 2016

Life Lately + Weekend Goals

1. Jack is sleeping better (I know I should bite my tongue) and that has been such a blessing. I've actually been able to stay up for an hour after he goes to bed to watch tv, play on my phone, or read a book. Once 8 o'clock rolls around I'm done, whether all the stuff gets done or not. He has been going to bed at 9 and I try to be in the bed by 10 but will often stay up for another 30 minutes once I'm in the bed.

2. The weather has cooled down and I love it. I've switched back to hot coffee, we have been playing outside, and we are all enjoying planning all the fun fall activities.

3. I've been loving the new fall shows. Some are just new seasons and some new shows. How to Get Away With Murder is an all time fav and I'm loving the comedy Speechless. I'm also "trying" to watch Big Brother Over the Top which is solely online. I would much rather it be on tv but I'm trying to make it work with it being an online show.

4. Weight Watchers is going okay. I didn't have the best weekend but I still lost another pound which is better than a gain. My plan going into the weekend is to have only one cheat meal. So far I'm finding that I can live with doing WW. One obstacle I faced this week is we had Parent Teacher Conference and our PTO provided so much food. The picture below is just one of the tables. I did okay but wish I could have refrained a little more from grabbing a cookie here and there.

5. The Christmas shopping has begun! When you only have one income, and you are paid monthly, you really have to be intentional about shopping early and budgeting. I picked up this for Jack.

For my nephew Bennett I got this super hero set and I know he and Jack are going to have hours of fun with them. 

6. When Jack gets super whiny or the day is not going in a good direction I have found that sticking Jack in the tub is a game changer. I'm pretty lax about all the shenanigans that go on in the tub. If he wants to stay in there an hour, then so be it. I will happily read a book or clean up the bathroom. All the water that ends up in the floor helps that cleaning process right along. 

Weekend Goals

1. Watch lots of football.

2. Cook a pot of chili.

3. Stick to my diet.

4. Catch up on some of my shows.

5. Go to the Fall Festival.

6. Get caught up on all the laundry.

7. Put out my fall/Halloween decor.


  1. So many good things going on! Great job with your WW. I'm sure it's tricky when there are always treats at school. We're planning to make chili this weekend and enjoy some football. So thankful for the cooler weather. It looks like our plans got rained out, but we're going to have a great day at home. The bath tub is always a crowd pleaser at my house. It's so nice that Olive is big enough just to sit and play so I usually let her stay in until she says she's done. I'm making lists and starting to pick up things for Christmas. It really helps to start my shopping now so that December isn't filled with expensive last minute shopping. You've already found some really cute things. Enjoy your books, your family and fun times this weekend :)

  2. I love those super hero costumes! I'm going to have to check those out. My kids love to dress up!
    How's Big Brother so far? I decided not to watch it this season. I'm not sure about watching it online either. Are there any past house guests?

  3. WW can do so much for you if you just stick to it. That's my problem. Give me all the seasonal foods.


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