Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Summer Beauty Routine


I take off my make-up with my favorite make-up removing wipes. The Simple are my favorite ones. I then use my Loreal hydrafresh toner and finish it up with No. 7 night cream. It is an easy regiment and works really great.


After I brush my teeth I use a Simple wipe to give myself a clean slate. I put on No. 7 day cream. While that is soaking in I use Winsome & Wisdom Shore of Yourself sea salt spray on my hair. It gives my hair the beachy wave look with very little effort. On the days where I don't use this spray my hair usually ends up in a bun. When most of your afternoons are spent at the pool there isn't much need to do something with lots of effort to my hair.

I keep my make-up really simple in the summer. There are some days when I don't use make-up at all but when I do, this is what I use.

I use Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream. My eyeshadow and blush are both Revlon products. The eyeshadow is Moonlit and the blush is Oh Baby! Pink. I only use just a little, enough to give me a little color. My lipstick is Maybelline Romantic Rose. For a little gloss I have been using Ultra's Mentha Lip Shine which was a sweet gift from my friend Tabitha at A Hundred Tiny Wishes. The mascara I use came from my sister's Ipsy bag and she didn't care for it but I really liked it. It is Fairy Lashes.

What is your absolute favorite beauty product?


  1. Unless I shower at night, I never wash my face at night. Nasty right? I need to get better about doing so.

  2. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I have never heard of No. 7 beauty products. I use Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer. I've never been a faithful face washer (unless I'm in the shower), but I am really trying.

  3. Sounds like a great routine for summer!! I love make up remover wipes and use them every day. I have been tearing them in half because I'm wearing lighter make up and don't need the whole wipe. That lip color looks great on you :)


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