Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boy Mom Box Swap

I was so happy to be paired with Stephanie whose blog I was already following. I already knew how much her son Connor and my son Jack had in common. It was such a joy to shop for Stephanie and Connor. I hope they loved it all!

Jack and I sure loved what we got. Before I get started let me say that when I opened the box Jack knew exactly what was his because it was all in this blue zipper bag which has already become his swimming bag and is currently in the backseat with the clothes that he wore to the pool. 
Inside the blue zipper bag there were lots of goodies.  

He got two mini Thomas the trains that he loved so much that I went and bought him two more to add to his now growing collection. He also got bubbles, Paw Patrol chalk, a learning tablet that we have already been playing with, and a pair of cute sunglasses that we took to the pool. 

Mom got some great stuff too. 

I absolutely love my notepad, sticky notes, and notecards. Stephanie did an amazing job knowing just what I would love. I also got a Target giftcard that I plan on using at the Dollar Spot tomorrow. Included was some Johnson & Johnson face and hand wipes that I havent' tried before. They are going in my travel case that I take along when I go somewhere with Jack. These are going to be so much better than using diaper wipes. 

Thanks Stephanie for all the amazing things! Jack and I loved everything! 


  1. Bubbles, Paw Patrol chalk, and a learning tablet??! Sounds like the best gift ever! My son would love those too! And Stephanie nailed it with your goodies too! So glad you guys liked everything!
    Thanks for participating with us!

  2. Great gifts for both of you! Those Thomas mini trains are so cute. It's so fun to get packages in the mail :) Hope you found some great things at The Dollar Spot

  3. I am glad you two liked your goodies. I sent the wipes because boys are messy and those work amazingly well.


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