Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jack (3 1/2)

I wanted to take a few minutes to document Jack's life. He is three and a half today. It feels like he is changing daily and I wanted to remember this precious time.
  • He is still obsessed with trains but is loving Chuggington more than Thomas lately
  • Loves sounding out words, he is truly hooked on phonics
  • Wants popsicles all the time
  • Would live outside
  • His favorite toy is his railroad tracks (first thing Saturday morning he asked for them)
  • Favorite book right now is Pete the Cat Wheels on the Bus
  •  If at all possible he is going to find mud
  • His favorite movie right now is this phonics video (personally it drives me nuts but he loves it)
  • He has started to say "thank you much"
  • Potty training has still hadn't happened. He is more likely to poop on the potty than pee. For the first time he came to me and told me he needed to poop. Usually we have to encourage him to get on the potty. Last night he pooped twice in his pants so yeah, real progress over here
  • He loves to come up and kiss me. He'll kiss me wherever. He just runs up and kisses. My leg has gotten lots of love lately.
  • I've witness him push two different kids and right away will say "sorry, give me a hug"
  • His favorite person is his cousin Bennett. They fight and love each other like brothers. 
  • He repeats everything you say, and I mean everything
  • He enjoys sneaking the stool and climbing up onto things he isn't suppose to, so basically he loves giving me a heart attack.
  • If he sees the dogs water bowl he is going to dump it out. 100% of the time.
  • Sleeping is so much better. He doesn't sleep very late but at least he sleeps through the night


  1. "If at all possible he is going to find mud." Yep. I have one of those too!

  2. He's 100% boy! I love all of the real life pictures you captures of him with his favorite toys, outside and in the mud. Good job of documenting his current favorites because they seem to change quickly. I hope you're having some great weather and getting to be outside a lot. Does Jack like to help with your big garden?

  3. He is so cute! And all boy! Love that he loves mud!

  4. Oh mama, his eyes are going to get him in some trouble one day!! What a cutie!

  5. His eyes are so gorgeous! I'm sure you already have these books, but if not our favorite train ones are Steam Train, Dream Train and the Goodnight Train!


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