Thursday, March 2, 2017


It is fun to sometimes lay it all out there with some confessions. I'm looking forward to the weekend and we have zero plans. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend and I hope we spend the majority of the time outside. I need all the sunshine.  I have no confessions planned so I'm giving you everything off the cuff. So here goes my confessions.....

1// I wish movies like Father of the Bride and You've Got Mail still were being released. It feels like all movies lately are too deep or too dark. I need a light romantic comedy.

2// Last year when Jack had his pictures done at school I spent the max amount because I fell in love with the pictures. This year I said I wasn't going to buy the school pictures BUT they were soooooo adorable. I ended up spending over a hundred dollars.

3// I ordered a Fitbit that was suppose to be delivered today and it isn't here. I have checked my order and it says in transit but it is 8:45 at night so I don't think it is coming today. I'm highly disappointed.

4//  I've already made the St. Patrick's Day labels for the treats I'm putting together for Jack Henry's class. I still haven't decided if I'm going to use Rolos or chocolate gold coins.

5// I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model this season (I can't bring myself to type cycle which is what ANTM uses instead of season). My favorite girl is India. She is beautiful, kind, confident, but also humble.

Image result for india ANTM 

6// I've been sticking with my nightly face routine. I'm taking my makeup off and putting on various products like retinol and face cream. I hope to see positive results in the coming weeks.

7// Parenting Jack has been super easy lately. Gasp! He has matured so much in the last few weeks. My baby is growing up!

8// I wish I could do my eye makeup better. My best feature is my eyes (my worst feature is my smile) so I wish I could do really cool eye makeup. I need to watch more tutorials and play around more. I'd like to be able to do something like this. #goals

Image result for eye shadow looks blue eyes

9// The chocker is back in style but I just can't bring myself to wear one again. Back in the 90's I rocked them but now I think my face is too fluffy (positive spin) for a chocker.

10// I'm loving the new makeup I purchased from Younique. I got all new products except for blush and I couldn't be happier with it. The mascara is A-MAZ-ING! In the near future I want to show you the difference in my eyes when I use this mascara. Like I said earlier, I really want to work on putting on eye shadow.

Well guys I feel like 10 confessions is a good solid number. I could probably write at least 10 more but it is getting late and tomorrow is Fri-YAY!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love your list! I have a few similar thoughts about parenting lately. Things seem to be going smoothly. You should find some fun youtube eye makeup videos to watch for inspiration. I always enjoy seeing how others apply their make up. Those school pictures are so sweet! Jack really does look grown up all of the sudden. I don't blame you for spending money on them!! Happy weekend :)


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